20 November 2023

The machines are taking over?!

AI here, AI there, VR here, VR there; they’re everywhere. Technology always finds a way to become better every second. Especially in the world of AI, Artificial Intelligence has flourished greatly in the past few years, accessing capabilities similar to those of living beings. Breakthroughs like self-driving cars, text generation, fraud protection, and many more have occurred.

So here’s the question: Are they really taking over?

The answer is yes and no. As cliché as it may sound, the reality is that they are taking over by making everyone utilize them. In terms of content writing, ChatGPT is able to extract information within seconds with just a few words. This greatly benefits writers, as it allows them to gather more information and ideas when they face writer’s block. We could say this is the ultimate counter to writer’s block, as it provides more and more information, especially when writers communicate more specifically with the AI. Additionally, ChatGPT also makes life easier for writers to gather information, as it can summarize sets of information in an instant. Not only can it generate ideas, but it can also utilize past ideas. These are just a few of ChatGPT’s unlimited capabilities. Now, imagine what other AI programs can do.

So, going back to our answer: yes, they’re everywhere, and everyone is using them. However, we are the ones greatly taking over. As more and more people utilize AI, we are able to generate better ideas and surpass what normal individuals can achieve alone. We may fear AI taking over but in reality our future lies in our ability to harness the potentials of AI while at the same time have our own touch of humanity attached to it.

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